I think that the phenomenon, which will be now it is sufficient early education in the field of human relations. Precisely this assumption results in all the facts that I would like to be described as a manifestation of teaching positions in the interaction of people. They are based on the global experience of inequality between themselves and the other person and are seen as signs of the impact of the other person. Each of us can find them in a different form: “I could not tell her (him) forgive,” “And then I realized that I do not like it”, “It ruined my life,” “For these words I am grateful him all his life, “and the like. Probably, they are connected with many more (or have) the unconscious manifestations that have an impact on decision-making, the maintenance of the self-concept, and other manifestations of psychic reality.
The word “position” I eat, I would like for him to come back and fill another content which is present in human interaction.
Thus, the position or point of view, the angle of view, frame of reference, the experience of its place, a designation of identity, or a beginning. This is an attempt to establish a number of possible synonyms of “position.”
Whether it has already described in the text as a reflective stance, personal position, transcendental position, each of which exists in different forms of psychic reality. Reflexive position is in relation to the quality is there in the mind, personality position involves attitude to their own existence as a whole, while the transcendental position means going beyond the limits of human existence itself.
Spontaneity is the manifestation of these items can be found in early childhood: a reflexive position arises in the act of response delay on the direct effects stimulus (appears Pause, Stop – inhibition of activity);
personal position arises from the sensitivity to different sides of life as the predominant concern, as the type of value-particular, and it is thought, transcendental position in the child occurs when a symbolic function in his mind (as detailed talk further.) Are, therefore, as if the point of the growth of these products in the next life. Arbitrariness and spontaneity, forced and natural – these are the qualities that suggest the possibility of movement of the person in each position. On their own, in accordance with its I can the person to take a particular position? The position involves the embodiment of some integrity in particular – this is based on the very possibility of the position it is possible to compare the existence of a point on a line, where the point – it is the embodiment of the integrity of the line.
I begs an answer to the above question is the degree of ownership depends on the integrity of the possibility of human choice position: the more generalized integrity he has, the easier it is this transition, the more natural it is experienced by man. I think that the example of this might be an idea of ​​motherhood, one of which is expressed in the following everyday statement: “My mother must always act in the interests of the child” and other words of M. Voloshin, who completes his poem “Motherhood”:
1. The child grows … and it grows nothing but
2. not born a woman, rebellious,
3. but connected your a hard -
4. thy labor ligature.
5. I know, mother, your every hour – the loss,
6. as you are in me, so I’m in you crucified.
7. And there is no love of your rewards and return
8. then that in itself – and award a refund! In the first example, the position is approved, according to which a person (the child) part or all of the other person with him the same, – a position reinforced by the word “should.” The man utters this phrase comes from the identity of being one person and another. It is natural to assume that he also identifies himself with the other, which gives reason to believe this phrase reflects this outlook – being is H. This is a road that leads to domestic selfishness Comprar viagra en Espana comprar viagra en Espana. and egocentrism in all its manifestations, is self-love, which (in the extreme case) obscures the existence of another life. This position – a reflection on their mental qualities.
Maximilian Voloshin comes from other integrity and moves with it from one position to another. I take the liberty to comment on each of the quoted lines: The first line and refers to the right of all human beings (“Child”), its identity to itself (this is where “a growing”), the same line indicates that the integrity of the person is not dead, it alive – is controversial, in the second line of the reference to the existential tsialnost Rights (“not a woman born”), which also is not static (man “rebellious”), the third line shakes resemblance to the philosophical texts, the word “nostalgia” refers to the existential experiences and human – that they connected the mother with her child, and the fourth line this relationship is referred to as “tribal loyalties” as a community of existence. The fifth line begins with I-found the child, and the mother is a mother, and not just a woman – this is a personal relationship, personified in the sixth line of “you” and I, where the existential nature of their relationship in the word “crucified”, seventh line gives new word to translate and existential relations – “love,” and this is her eighth enhances the quality of the words “in itself.”
It’s hard to fit into a simple logical formula is related to the other person and yourself, which is reflected in these lines, I will call him, in contrast to the first and statement, a more complex and ambiguous. It is as though there is no one position and at the same time it is, it is not expressed and the equation, because they do not know the equation of freedom and love. Yes, and then express-existence of all the different positions and can be only poets word – reflective, way – personality, sense – the transcendental, and other death-tion is to read and learn in their texts by his own experience, if a miracle happens and whose meetings -gain sound of a sense of poetic lines. The need to discuss the existence of another position – teaching – is the fact that and human existence is a reality of three relatively independent of each other: mental, social and physical. His personal position embodies the experience coming from the mental and physical reality, which makes it relatively independent of social reality. We can say that personal position – “I-being”, whereas in the social reality begins, “We are being”, or the need for life with other people.